Dvar Israel: Shabbat, September 9, 2017


Hi! I’m Noam, and I am 18 years old. Hi! I’m Ronny, and I am 18 years old. Israeli. Jewish. Oldest child in my family. Two younger siblings. Secular. Traditional. From a town. From the city. Former basketball player. Former swimmer. Participant in a youth movement.

This is us, but not just this. We are Ronny and Noam, we are your new 2017-2018 UJA Shinshinim. We don’t want you to know us only by the few facts that we just listed off to you. We’ve got a bit more to bring to the table.

I’m Noam Peretz. I was born in Ramat Gan and raised in the city of Holon. When I was 3, my brother Shachar was born. When I was 9, my sister Adi was born. During my high school career, I practiced Model UN school debating, established a city wide debate group, participated in student council and the young ambassadors program and was also a member in Aharai, a military fitness program. Well with that schedule you’d imagine that spare time was just a dream that was always out of reach, but reading books, hanging out with friends and baking are also great hobbies of mine. I come from a really warm family. I love gathering with them during the holidays, of course the delicious meals and the fun atmosphere we share together.

And who am I? I’m Ronny Yariv. I was born in Haifa and when I was 5 years old my family and I moved to Seattle. My father’s work gave me the opportunity to live in the states for 3 years, at the perfect age to pick up an American accent for speaking English and to gather amazing experiences. At the age of 8 we moved back to Israel, to a beautiful town called Zichron Yaakov where my family still lives today. I have a 15-year-old brother named Noam and an 8-year-old sister named Maya. I am very connected to my family and am lucky enough that even my entire extended family also live in Zichron near us. I love nature, hiking, and exploring. I enjoy cooking and baking, playing the guitar, spending time at the beach and listening to all kinds of music and even what some would consider ‘oldies ’ music.

This is us, al regel ahat – just the quick facts. We didn’t come here to invent the wheel or to be superheroes. We came here to share our story with you, to gain experiences, to humbly learn. In this year of service in your loving community, we are excited to get to know as many of you as possible, to create bonds and fun memories and to bring you the Israel that we love as we see it through lens of young Israelis just out of high school and before the army.

We are so excited and we can’t wait for the amazing opportunities that lie ahead of us. Thank you for bringing us here and for giving us this fantastic opportunity.

Shabbat Shalom.