As the year comes to a close, another one is just around the corner and it brings with it a very special milestone for Beth Tikvah – our 50th Anniversary. 

The Founding Families of Beth Tikvah were united in a journey to build a Synagogue of their own that was not only dedicated to traditional Jewish worship, but also a place where the community could gather to share, learn and inspire. We thank those who came before us – our parents and grandparents – who, not only taught us the value of community, but also gave us the community and infrastructure we enjoy today.  

We look back with great pride at what has been accomplished and we eagerly look forward to see what the future holds. Our Shul is not defined by “bricks and mortar.” It is about something much more important: our members, our families and our commitment and dedication to Klal Yisrael (Jewish people). 

As we look forward with anticipation to the future, we must continue to build upon the foundation that has been established. The KADIMA Campaign will do just that. The founding families forged a path for the first 50 years and it is now our responsibility to forge the path for the next 50 years. This is a time to plan our legacy and we are confident that united, we will accomplish so much more than we can even imagine. Together, we will ensure a strong, vibrant and meaningful future for our children and grandchildren.  


CELEBRATE THE PAST: Utilizing a major milestone, such as the “50th ANNIVERSARY,” is an opportune time to initiate the KADIMA Campaign as there is a story to tell, a reason to donate and a feeling of good will. 

BUILD FOR THE FUTURE: Raise $5,000,000 between November 2015 and June 2017 (20 months)


ACCESSIBLITY: Finish the work that has begun towards ensuring that our facilities are welcoming for those with mobility challenges, with particular emphasis on building a ramp up to the bimah. Everyone is affected by accessibility challenges at one time or another – a child, a person with a broken leg, a parent with a stroller, a person with mobility, hearing or sight issues, etc. We want everyone who uses our facilities to be able to benefit from what Beth Tikvah has to offer.

SUSTAINABILITY: Build stability so that we meet the needs of today and future generations by establishing and funding endowments. The funds from the endowments will be used to expand existing programs, create new ones, host guest lecturers and scholars-in-residence, add additional clergy, assist with keeping young people in the Shul and enhance their Jewish identity. We can't predict the future, but we can plan for it. Having funds in an endowment gives us stability and confidence. We must be proactive and not reactive. The Founding Families were visionaries who provided a tremendous legacy built on relationships. We want to sustain this Jewish legacy for the next generations to come.
Over the next several months we will be sharing the campaign details with you and how you can become involved. There will be an official launch in the Spring, information sessions for members, email/mail communication, etc.  

EVERYONE is invited and encouraged to participate in the campaign, regardless of the amount they can donate. Every dollar is an investment in our future! 

By supporting the KADIMA Campaign, we act to build our community, to strengthen the place we gather as a community to deepen our spirituality and to make a connection to each other and to G-d.  

If you have any questions, please let us know. 

Nancy Machtinger, Campaign Co-Chair

Marty Rochwerg, Campaign Co-Chair