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Shavuot 5778 - A Tribute to Rabbi Feder zt"l

Erev Shavuot PROGRAM – Saturday, May 19


A SPECIAL SEUDAH SHLISḤIT AT 6:00 PM (Minḥa at 5:30 pm)

We join together with the Feder family and gather to learn and pay tribute to Beth Tikvah’s founding rabbi.  

All are welcome to attend. RSVPs are appreciated, so that we may plan responsibly. 416-221-3433 or



Tikkun Leil Shavuot – 8:00 PM
Bracha Feder
“Torah My Father Taught Me”

Maariv after the lecture, followed by a light meal.




 Saturday, May 19 BEGINNING AT 11:00 PM

All Night Learning for Adults
Stay up all night in celebration of receiving the Torah. Join us for exciting classes, stimulating discussions and delicious refreshments! This year’s theme is the Torah of Rabbi Feder, focusing on the themes of his writings, lectures, and beliefs. Come for a class or stay the whole night – you won’t regret it.

11:00 –11:30 PM
Goldman Family Two Generations, “ Openness To the Other”

Three generations of Goldmans have seen a rich bond grow. A bond built through celebrating together at Beth Tikvah and in Israel. Many happy occasions spent studying together and sharing significant discussions around the table.

11:30 –11:45 PM
Ron Laxer, “Jerusalem“

A relationship that evolved in recent years based on their shared and profound love of baseball that gave rise to correspondence that combined this sport with more abstract philosophical ideas. 

11:45 PM –12:00 AM
Shelley Birenbaum and Jill Kamin,“ The Value of Life“

A close connection since the 60's when both were two of his favourite Beth Tikvah high school students: serious, committed, and thirsty for learning. A friendship based on mutual care and respect that grew by sharing life's gifts and challenges.

12:10 –12:25 AM
Michael Bernstein, “Tikkun Olam and our Torah”

Michael remembers fondly standing at the door at the entrance to the sanctuary determined to hear Rabbi Feder’s sermons while keeping an eye on his little ones running around in the foyer. Like Rabbi Feder, Michael is an incessant student.

12:25 –1:00 AM
Michael Sone, “ A Zionist Vision“ 

As a teenager and devoted student of Rabbi Feder, Michael came to love Hazzanut, learning and Yiddishkeit.

1:10 – 2:00 AM
Abe Birenbaum, “Prayer“

Abe has been a dear friend throughout the years even oceans apart. They shared a love of prayer, study and thinking.

2:10 AM
David Nitkin, “Ethical Questions at the Revelation at Har Sinai”

The two spent hours upon hours delving together into texts and complex questions. An activity that both so valued.

3:20 AM
Rabbi Sachs, “Building The Inner Citadel: Deriving Ethics From Narrative”

Curious to get to know the man that respected colleagues and congregants have been telling him about, Rabbi Sachs has been reading and appreciating Rabbi Feder’s writings.