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Erev Shavuot

Rabbi Rothschild will deliver the sermon on Shavuot morning: Wednesday, May 31

Minḥah:  8:10 PM
Tikkun Leil Shavuot:  8:45 PM

Rabbi Zalman Rothschild –  “Is Judaism Legal?”

The Torah is Judaism’s central text. But what exactly is the Torah? Is it a book of history or is it a legal text; is it legend or is it law? The same can be asked of Judaism’s classical corpus, the Talmud, as well as many of Judaism’s central texts and cultural traditions. In addition to addressing these questions, in this lecture we will explore the ways in which Judaism over time has defined and dealt with its legal core. We will especially focus on the different attitudes of modern Jewish philosophers toward Jewish law and obligation in the modern era. 

Rabbi Rothschild was ordained from the Ariel Institute of Jerusalem and his PhD is from New York University. He is a passionate teacher, and lecturer, with an expertise in Jewish legal philosophy. 

Tikkun for Tweens and Annual Sugar Bowl (see separate flyer)

Ma’ariv:  10:15 PM                                                                        

A light meal will be served, which is free, but please reserve with the office so that we can plan the program responsibly.

Overnight Program Led By Rabbi Grover:  11:30 PM
Morley Goldberg: “The God I Believe In”
Leon Mintz & Steve McDonald: “What is the purpose of life? A dialogue between  contrasting views.”
Michael Bernstein: “Textual evidence that the Torah really is a Divine document”
Rabbi Jarrod Grover: “Breakaway Minyanim in Jewish Law. When is it OK to separate from the community?”

Later Event: May 31
Shavuot Day 1