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Designed to nurture and assist Beth Tikvah Congregants at moments of sorrow, transition and joy, BT Connects will enhance our caring community. It will provide support, when needed, to our members and their families during times of crisis – illness and loss. Members of the Committee will try to reach out to you whenever we can. We have volunteers who will visit, will accompany you to Shul, will supplement meals if needed. And in times of joy – we would like to add the voice of Beth Tikvah to the chorus of Mazel Tovs received.

You can let us know how we can assist you or volunteer to become part of this endeavour by calling Yardena at the Beth Tikvah office at 416-221-3433.

The Beth Tikvah Connects committee is aware that there are members of the congregation who are experiencing various degrees of memory and cognitive difficulties. We recognize how stressful this can be for families as they adapt to their changing reality. Beth Tikvah Connects wants to assist, and is therefore exploring what kinds of support would be helpful to our members who are carers/caregivers. We are planning an exploratory meeting on Tuesday, April 23 at 1:30 pm at Beth Tikvah, where there will be a welcoming environment offering carers the opportunity to meet comfortably with others experiencing similar circumstances. 

Please RSVP by calling or emailing the synagogue office (Yardena: 416-221-3433 ext. 312,  or 

We understand not everyone who is interested will be able to attend at that time. If you cannot, please contact Yardena and a committee member will be in touch with you. 

If you are aware of someone in the congregation who might benefit from this program, please let them know about it, or leave the information with Yardena so a committee member can reach out to them. 

We need volunteers to help people get to Shul on Shabbat. Are you able to bring someone along with you? Are you looking to come to Shul on Shabbat, but need help getting here? If so, call us at 416-221-3433 so we can help you connect!