Tributes and Dedications

It's A Mitzvah
If you are interested in making a donation as a memorial of or to honour someone, you can easily do so with one of the following tributes:
  • Donation Cards   $18
  • Sponsor for a Weekday Morning Breakfast   $150-$172
  • Specialty Cards   $36
  • Se'udah   $175
  • Youth Prayer Book   $36
  • Shabbat Kiddush   $360
  • Mahzor Lev Shalem   $54
  • Bimah Flowers   $300
  • Weekly Minyan Prayer Book   $54
  • Memorial Plaque   $475 (for 1 Plaque); $450 each (for 2 or more Plaques)
  • Etz Hayim Humash   $154
  • Leaf on the Tree of Life   $750
  • Yahrzeit Donation   $ Your Choice

It’s easy to do so by one of the following methods:


  1. Complete the Tzedakah Form and return it to the Beth Tikvah Office by personal delivery, fax, or mail. 


To download the form, click here >> Tzedakah Form




  1. Decide which tribute you would like to complete. Then call the Synagogue Office at (416) 221-3433. The Office Staff will be pleased to assist you.




  1. Decide which tribute you would like to complete. Then use the email link below to provide the information and specify the payment option. 


To email the information, click here >> 



For other gift giving opportunities, additional information, or to discuss payment options,

please contact the Beth Tikvah Synagogue Office at (416) 221-3433




“All who contribute Tzedakah are considered as if they have filled the entire world with loving kindness.” (Sukkah 49b)