Endowment Funds

Donations for All Occasions
Beth Tikvah provides opportunities for donations that will support and sustain our synagogue and community. Please contact Doris Alter, Executive Director, by telephone (416-221-3433) or email doris@bethtikvahtoronto.org for the full details and methods of payments. VISA and MasterCard are accepted. All donations are a minimum of $10.00 unless otherwise stated. A Tax Receipt will be issued for donations.

Perpetual Endowment Funds
Paul Borenstein Memorial FundDanny Gottesman Memorial Fund
Terry Browman Memorial FundJustein Endowment Fund
Lee & Edith Cantor Endowment FundKlasner Endowment Fund
Margalit Cohen FundMarch of the Living Fund
Cohen Family Hiddur Mitzvah FundJonathan Miller Memorial Fund
Chaskel Davidson Memorial FundMinuk Memorial Fund
Brenda Dolman Memorial FundJulia and Ralph Moss Memorial Fund
Exton Endowment FundAnn Sharp Memorial Fund
Feldgaier Shapiro Endowment FundPhilip and Alan Simon Fund
Pearl Goldstein Memorial Endowment FundLionel Weinstein Memorial Fund

Other Synagogue Donation Opportunities

Adult Education Program FundPrayer Book Fund
Beth Tikvah Women Educational ProgramsRabbiís Discretionary Fund
Cantorís FundRitual Director"s Fund
Hesed FundSocial Action Fund
Hesed "Our Brother's Keeper" Fund Yahrzeit Fund
Musical Heritage FundYouth & Young Families Fund

Torah Fund
To support the Jewish Theological Seminary, contact the Synagogue Office.