Chapel Windows

The stained glass windows were created to bring joy and colour to the Chapel, and be an invitation to prayer. The background of each of the windows is suggestive of the times of day for prayer, and together the three windows express a feeling of the eternal cycle and passage of time.

The windows celebrate three important festivals, and reference historical artefacts from around the world. The blue thread that is woven through the windows adds a dynamic, energetic element which binds them together.

The windows were designed and made by Toronto glass artist, Sarah Hall, RCA. Her work has received numerous international awards for excellence in stained glass design and innovation in technique.

The Chapel windows were donated by the Tward brothers and their families.

Passover Ma'ariv Shavu’ot Minhah Sukkot Shaharit

Passover Ma’ariv


The Passover window portrays the illuminated 18th century Tel Aviv Haggadah set amidst the parting of the Red Sea, and emerging from it.

Shavu’ot Minhah


This ancient harvest festival is portrayed with a display of flowers and plants. The window also celebrates the Giving of the Torah. At its base is a Torah cover from 17th century Rome.

Sukkot Shaharit


The Sukkot festival is celebrated with a decorated booth that is open to the stars at night. At the base of the window is a portion of floor mosaic from the 5th century synagogue Hammam Lif, Tunisia.

The stained glass windows are crafted in the traditional leaded technique. The windows are made exclusively of handmade, double flashed glass, which has been painted, sandblasted and silver stained.

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